Zigana Ski Resort

Zigana Ski Resort

Zigana ski resort is located in the Eastern Black Sea region. The general area of ​​the ski center is covered with forests. Snow thickness varies between 100 and 150 cm in winter months. The ski resort hosts domestic and foreign tourists. The total length of the facility is 661 meters. Ski equipments are findable. It is also taught by teachers who are specially trained for skiers. It is a convenient center for use as a plateau in the summer months. Over the 150 thousand guests are welcomed as domestic and foreign tourists during the year.

When Should I go to Zigana Ski Resort?

Vacationers who want to stay in the Zigana Ski Resort, can generally plan their vacation at the beginning of the winter months. At the beginning of January, the tracks are opened depending on the snow depth. They continue to serve until the end of March. You can get the opening and closing information of Zigana Ski Resort from the special web page of the facility.

Zigana Ski Resort Tracks

The altitude of the Zigana Ski Resort changes from 1900 meters to 2500 meters. In the track, which is 661 meters long, width changes between 100 meters and 200 meters. There is a telescope in Zigana Ski Resort. Runway difficulties are two-stage as medium and difficult. With its interior and exterior structure, it provides amazing services in touch with nature to vacationers.

Zigana Ski Resort Accommodation

There is one accommodation possibility in Zigana Ski Resort. As an alternative to this low-accomodation place, nearby hotels may be preferred. It has its own restaurant. Live music service is provided. The facility is very safe and comfortable. Thereby Gumushane and Trabzon cities are close, most of vacationers prefer the hotels around here.

Transportation to Zigana Ski Resort

Reaching to Zigana Ski Resort by bus or private car is quite comfortable and safe. Buses from Gumushane and Trabzon are organized. Transportation from Trabzon Airport is possible with services. Additionally, private tours are organized in Gumushane and Trabzon. Because the access road is asphalt, it is very convenient for use and security. You can reach the ski resort by using your own vehicle and following the signs. You need to use the same way for the return.

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