The Tomara Waterfall

The Tomara Waterfall

Tomara Waterfall is located in the Siran district of Gümüşhane city. The waterfall is 2 km away to the Seydibaba Village. Tomara Waterfall’s width is 15 meters and its height is 25 meters.

Information About The Tomara Falls

Tomara Waterfall, which located 2 km from the village of Seydibaba, 14 km south-west of the Siran district, can be reached by vehicles departing from this area.

The water of the Tomara Waterfall is quite cold. The waterfall area, that surrounded by green plants like hornbeam, nuts and oak trees, creates a magnificent view.

The untouched natural environment of the Seydibaba village, full of fruit and vegetable gardens, is an perfect camping site. The vitality and simplicity of the nature provide seating and entertainment sites.

Geographical Information

Region: Black Sea

City: Gumushane

District: Siran

Tomara Waterfall is among the favorite places of rafting lovers due to its high water level. The water outlet and stream bed are the places where the waterfall is located directly. At the same time, as reaching the waterfall, you reach to the outlet source of water. It is approximately 10-15 m. The heights and the waters coming from different places create a wonderful view. In addition, buildings in this area were built around the castle and the road was improved. In addition, due to the height given by its geographical position, all the Gumushane city is under your feet from where the Tomara Waterfall is located.

What Can You Do?

In Tomara waterfall, couples can have great moments by coming together or coming with their parents. They can comfortably make a picnic in this area and play various games. For those who like photography, the Tomara Waterfall, which provides spectacular views of nature, is also famous with its places that will help you to get a perfect sleep in a quiet way. Thanks to the sales points near the Tomara Waterfall, you can both enjoy waterfall, enjoy the beautiful view and eat the delicious local foods.

When to go?

Due to Gumushane city is located in the Eastern Anatolia region, winter months are quite cold. Therefore, it is not advisable to go there in winter months. The best period to go is July-August months. If you go in the spring months, you may also have the opportunity to take great pictures with the new color-giving flowers. Also, hotel and restaurant prices in the region are also very cheap.

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Country: Turkey Region: Black Sea Province: Gumushane Town: Siran Tomara Waterfall is among the favorite places for rafting enthusiasts because of the high water level.

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