The Artabel Lakes

The Artabel Lakes

Artabel Lakes is a natural park that located in the Gumushane’s Torul district borders. In 1998, this park and its round was declared as "Artabel Lakes Natural Park" and putted under protection according to the 3. article of 2873 numbered National Parks Law.

The Head of Artabel Hill

This hill’s height reaches to 3305 meters and it is named as “The Head of Artabel Hill”. The hill is one of the biggest peaks for Gumushane city. Along the walking, nearly 3 kilometers, from Gül Acar Village to the Artabel Lakes, it is possible to see flowing streams, rich nature and a unique view. So much the more, the three lakes, which have 10 minutes walking distance each other, are the most important lakes that have a touristic value.


The Artabel Lakes Natural Park

Artabel Lakes Natural Park; thanks to its high mountain peaks, jungles, geomorphologic structure, mountain ecosystems, geological and glacial lakes, rich plant and animal wealth, has become a very important area. The width of the area is nearly 5859 hectares. The lakes in this area gave their names to the locality. This area is not just in the foreground with its lakes, it is also interesting and remarkable with its geomorphological structures and rocks.

The Lakes Which Located in The Head of Artabel Hill

As the main geomorphological units, V type ridges, sharp ridges and mountain lakes appear to the visitors. The lakes, that take part in the Head of Artabel, are the 3 lakes named “Karagoller” and located in the Karanlik Gol-Gavur Mountain’s peak side. Also there are 4 lakes in the west of Sofrabasi Hill, which are called as Bes Goller.

Plant and Animal Wealth That Located in The Head of Artabel Hill

It is possible to talk about a lot of plants that located in the Head of Artabel Hill. Among these plants there are large variety kinds to count like; leopard’s bane, bayberry, helichrysum, golden flower, cornflower, thuja. As animal kinds, it is possible to see; deer, bear, eagle, jackal and pig. Additionally,

In addition, the winter months in this region for 6 months, indicates that this zone has a winter tourism potential. The nearest residential district is at 5 kilometers away from this area.

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