Örümcek Forests

Örümcek Forests

Örümcek Forests, known as one of the most beatiful natural conservation areas has become more popular recently. Due to climate and land structure, area is dominated by spruce and fir trees. First time visitors of the forest can not take their eyes away from it and find themselves to be enchanted. So much so that Arab tourists who visit Örümcek Forests state that the paradise they dream of throughout their lives is no different.

It has a Unique Beauty During Fall

Incredible image of Örümcek Forests is of another scale during fall season. Due to the season, yellowing leaves make a spectacular image. For this reason, it is pleasant for visitors who visit the forest during the fall season.Moreover, because there are the longest spruce and fir trees of Europe and the Caucasus, forest is quite unique.

Higher Than Sea Level

Elevation from sea level is pretty high in this location. So much so that an altitude is said to range from 1400 meters to 1600 meters. In addition to this, it is necessary to say that the forests in this area is situated in an extremely deep valley. An enjoyable trip is guaranteed for the visitors of this wonder-of-nature-valley.Enjoyable sports events as well as nature hikes can take place here.

Tallness of Trees Surprise Visitors

Lengths of the trees range from about 50 meters to 75 meters.It is stated that these trees will continue to grow for years to come. It is also estimated that these trees are about 420 years old. For this reason it is possible to say that it is in fact a historical conservation area .

Work in Progress

Örümcek Forests are located at the border of Kürtün District of Gümüşhane Province. Also the counting studies in these forests still take place in full speed. In this context , it is estimated that the diversity of trees is much more than official figures and the number of trees is said to be surprisingly high.

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