Lake Limni

Lake Limni

Lake Limni is one of the most important touristic spots of Gümüşhane. First serving as a Camping Area in 1999, area was classified as a Class A Camping Area in 2004.Class A Camping Areas defined to be areas housing facilities such as tents, trailers and bungalows that people can stay during the night and can reach within a day.It is a marvellous place for taking pictures.

Where is Lake Limni?

Lake Limni is in the Town Torul of Gümüşhane province.It lies within the Zigana village of Torul. It is 40 km away from the Gümüşhane's center.

Vegetation in Lake Limni

Lake Limni area is dominated by Spruce and Yellow Pine trees.Having a beatiful nature, area around the lake hosts different wild animals each season from time to time. It is possible to see bear, fox, gazelle or roe. Lake area is governed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as a Rehabilitation Project. Within the scope of this project, lack of social facilities and problem of transportation for visitors were diagnosed as issues that need to be solved first. Couple of camellias and public water areas were built in order to offer better service for visitors. A playground for children was built. Management of the lake was transferred to a private organization for 20 years with tender bidding.

How to get to Lake Limni?

Lake Limni is 40 km away from the Gümüşhane city centre.It can be reached through the town of Torul, using the Erzurum-Trabzon highway. This route is 16 km long.If you want to go to Zigana Ski Resort, the average distance is around 60 km. You can enjoy a beatiful day and breathe in fresh air through the hiking path within the area. It is a place frequented by those who want to make a day-to-day holiday with its magnificent nature and relaxing atmosphere.

What's around Lake Limni?

There are camping areas, camellias, playgrounds, fountains, parking area, cabins and restaurants in the area.Everything you need is available. It is a remote crater lake with its unique nature and vegetation away from the traffic. The lake opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 18 in the evening. There is an entrance fee per person and per vehicle.

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