The Torul Glass Observation Terrace

The Torul Glass Observation Terrace

Torul Glass Observation Terrace, has become one of the most widely spoken places in Turkey. This terrace, where the feet of the people vibrate, is a new address for adrenaline additcs. The Torul Glass Observation Terrace, which was started to its building in 201, introduced to the public in 2018 and gave an incredible experience to the public. Additionally, with its amazing views, it enthrals those who have seen.

The Torul Glass Observation Terrace Project

Torul Glass Observation Terrace is Torul Municipality project supported by General Directorate of Forestry in 2016. It is close to Torul Castel, which built in the Middle Age and joined to the Ottoman lands during the period of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. Additionally, support from the General Directorate of Forestry has shown a significant improvement in the environmental management works.

Where is The Torul Glass Observation Terrace?

Torul is a district of Gumushane. The Torul Glass Observation Terrace is close to the Torul Castel, which was built with defense and surveillance purposes in the Middle Ages. Torul Glass Terrace is 240 meters high. It is also 2 km away to highway. It has entered to among of the nearest and accessible glass terraces in Turkey.


When the visitors see its spectacular view, they are immediately joining the race to immortalize the unique landscape with their phones. It is flooed with hundred of thousands of visitors every year. Even in winter conditions,  daily 100-150 visitors are welcomed. With the completion of the construction of the environment and social facilities, it is expected that the number of visitors will reach 2 thousand daily. You can also see the Torul Glass Observation Terrace over the Gumushane-Trabzon highway.

Is The Torul Glass Observation Terrace Charged?

According to Torul Mayor Nidai Koroglu's statement, the area belonging to the General Directorate of Forest was rented by Torul Municipality for 49 years. There is also an increase in the entrance fees. Previously the fee was 1 lira for adults and students. New fees are 4 lira for adults and 2 lira for students.

The Torul

Torul is located on the Trabzon, Gumushane, Bayburt and Erzurum roads. During the Crusade in the 15th century, Trabzon earned by Genoese. The Genoese have made communicative purposed castels for many of the Torul districts. One of these castels is Torul Castle.

Torul is also well known by its forests and mines. It is a place of complete refuge with large, transitionless rocks.

In Torul, the Turks were first seen as Turkmen name in 1048 and they joined the Ottoman Empire lands during the period of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

Torul's population is increasing day by day. Torul's population is currently 10,998.
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