Satala Ancient City

Satala Ancient City

Satala Ancient City is located at the approximately 88 km from the center of Gumushane and 28 km from the center of Kelkit. If it is continued for 60 km along the Gumushane-Kelkit highway, it is reached when you go ahead to Erzincan direction, after 20 km from Kelkit center and 7 km further from Sadak village road fork. It is possible to reach the Ancient Satala City by using the asphalt road from Gumushane city center.

History of Satala Ancient City

One of the most important values as ​​for a country is its cultural heritage as well. The Anatolian lands are known for having a quite long history. These lands, which have embraced many civilizations of humanity, have seen many wars and empires. But the wars and changed civilizations were finally condemned to stay under the ground. There are many important civilizations built on this land and maintained their existence once upon a time. It is possible to count these as example like Macedonia, Hittite, Roman, Assyrian, Byzantine Empires.

Ancient Satala City's Strategic Importance

The Ancient Satala City is located in the village of Sadak which is bound to Kelkit district. In this ancient city, there has not been a deeply study until today. This region was a gateway from Anatolia and Cappadocia to the Black Sea region during the ancient period. When combined with other internal regions, the region, which is in a very important strategic location, still retains tens of richness under the ground. Therefore, it is needed to make a study to save this heritage both to world and Turkey.

Putting Under Protection

The Satala Ancient City was declared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a protected area from the third degree. If an area have the prehistoric civilizations’s social, economic, architectural and cultural products, that area is named as a “protected area from third degree”. These regions are places where cultural wealth are intensively experienced and must be safeguarded.

Archaeological Excavations in and around Satala

No excavations have been carried out in and around Satala today. Any information put forward about this region is based on superficial observations and estimates. This region is only accessible as a result of a systematic excavation for a wide range of information about this zone.

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