Santa Ruins

Santa Ruins

It is known that our country is enriched with historical attractions. You can enjoy the historical structures almost anywhere in our country.Santa Ruins are one of these gorgeous places you can visit.

Where are Santa Ruins?

Santa Ruins is located in Dumanlı Village, an exceptional village which is 80 km to the Gümüşhane city center, of Gümüşhane Province. Santa ruins are historical structures built in the 3 hillsides of Santa Yanbolu river, a scenic beauty that is home to valleys.Defined as a protected area and an archeological site, this area consists of 9 different districts.

Brief Information on Santa Ruins

The area declared under the site of Santa Ruins consists of 9 neighborhoods and approximately 300 houses.These areas are named as folowing: Binatlı, Pişkoflu, Terzili, İşhanlı, Zurnacılı, Çakallı, Kozlu and Sincanlı are named.The region is very rich in terms of historical texture and is not distorted. It has been within the territory of Ottoman Empire for many years in history and has witnessed many periods. Starting to be on the map very recently, this archeological site draws the attention of many local tourists.

History of Santa Ruins

Santa Ruins were annexed by the Ottoman Empire at 1460's during the reign of Mehmed the Conqueror.Since the day one of Ottoman annexation, Santa Ruins' integrity has been protected and thanks to the mine extraction in the area, the place has served as a cultural center.Especially between the 16th and 18th centuries , this region, which has borne many craftsmen, has become a highly developed economy center.

How to Reach Santa Ruins

Visitors who wish to see Santa Ruins can reach there from various routes.Starting from Gümüşhane city center, they can either drive there trough the Gümüşhane - Bayburt road or take public transportation towards the Santa Ruins.Visitors can examine various historical touches of the area.

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