Kov Castle

Kov Castle

Our country is considered to be one of the flagships when it comes to historical richness. It is possible to discover these historical gems in many parts of our country. Kov Castle is one of these historical structures.

Where is Kov Castle?

Kov Castle is one of the most important castles located near the centre of population in the Esenyurt Village of Gümüşhane Province.About 16 castles located around the area confirms that this place used to be a crucial trade route. Situated 21 km away from the city centre, restorations of Kov Castle was completedd in 2008 and can be reached through a 6 km reinforced road. The castle and its vicinity, which are thought to defend an ancient city, are protected as an archaeological site. The castle is located on the Gümüşhane-Erzincan highway in the settlement of Dağteke village.

Information on Kov Castle

This structure, protected as an archaeological site, was repaired and maintained in 2007. Kov Castle became an attractive trade center with the conquest of Seljuks, it was built with rubble stones. Another name of the castle is Esenyurt Castle and is referred with that name by many.Built with sharp edges and as a rectangle, the structure is supported by round bastions. There are cisterns and kitchens in the castle. The outer walls are 150 cm whereas the inner walls are 90 cm thick. Corners of the fortress walls are covered with carved stones.

History of Kov Castle

Kov Castle, managing to stand tall as a magnificent structure in the East Black Sea Region of Turkey is estimated to be built by Alexios III in 1361 and used during the period of Seljuks.The exterior is thought to be constructed during the Middle Ages. Studies conducted by Atatürk University reveals that ceramics used within and around the castle dates back to the Middle Ages.

How to Reach to the Kov Castle?

As a result of recent restorations that are carried out, significant increase in the number of visitors has been observed. As the interest towards the castle increases day by day, a question is also beginning to be asked: how to get there? Esenyurt Village, connected to the province centre is 21 km away.You need to get to the Dağteke Village through Erzincan-Gümüşhane highway in order to reach the Kov Castle.The-6 km-long road afterwards leads to the castle.


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