Örümcek Forests

Örümcek Forests, known as one of the most beatiful natural conservation areas has become more popular recently. Due to climate and land structure, area is dominated by spruce and fir trees. First time visitors of the forest can not take their eyes away from it and find themselves to be enchanted. So much so that

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The Tomara Waterfall

Tomara Waterfall is located in the Siran district of Gümüşhane city. The waterfall is 2 km away to the Seydibaba Village. Tomara Waterfall’s width is 15 meters and its height is 25 meters. Information About The Tomara Falls Tomara Waterfall, which located 2 km from the village of Seydibaba, 14 km south-west of the Siran

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Zigana Ski Resort

Zigana ski resort is located in the Eastern Black Sea region. The general area of ​​the ski center is covered with forests. Snow thickness varies between 100 and 150 cm in winter months. The ski resort hosts domestic and foreign tourists. The total length of the facility is 661 meters. Ski equipments are findable. It

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Lake Limni

Lake Limni is one of the most important touristic spots of Gümüşhane. First serving as a Camping Area in 1999, area was classified as a Class A Camping Area in 2004.Class A Camping Areas defined to be areas housing facilities such as tents, trailers and bungalows that people can stay during the night and can

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The Artabel Lakes

Artabel Lakes is a natural park that located in the Gumushane’s Torul district borders. In 1998, this park and its round was declared as “Artabel Lakes Natural Park” and putted under protection according to the 3. article of 2873 numbered National Parks Law. The Head of Artabel Hill This hill’s height reaches to 3305 meters

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Karaca Cave

Gümüşhane Province (literally meaning “Silver House”), situated on the Silkroad (from China to Trebizond), is named so for its silver mines. Founded at around 3000 BC, the city is known for its historical structures as well as its natural beauty and magnificence. Ski center, waterfalls, extinct cities and caves attract tourists to the area. Karaca

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