The Suleymaniye Neighborhood

Süleymaniye District, also known as the old Gumushane. It is located on the south-west of the city center and 4 km away from the city center. It has always been important during the history due to the richness of the silver and gold mines. During the history of the region, it has become a crossroads

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The Torul Glass Observation Terrace

Torul Glass Observation Terrace, has become one of the most widely spoken places in Turkey. This terrace, where the feet of the people vibrate, is a new address for adrenaline additcs. The Torul Glass Observation Terrace, which was started to its building in 201, introduced to the public in 2018 and gave an incredible experience

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Kov Castle

Our country is considered to be one of the flagships when it comes to historical richness. It is possible to discover these historical gems in many parts of our country. Kov Castle is one of these historical structures. Where is Kov Castle? Kov Castle is one of the most important castles located near the centre

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Satala Ancient City

Satala Ancient City is located at the approximately 88 km from the center of Gumushane and 28 km from the center of Kelkit. If it is continued for 60 km along the Gumushane-Kelkit highway, it is reached when you go ahead to Erzincan direction, after 20 km from Kelkit center and 7 km further from

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Santa Ruins

It is known that our country is enriched with historical attractions. You can enjoy the historical structures almost anywhere in our country.Santa Ruins are one of these gorgeous places you can visit. Where are Santa Ruins? Santa Ruins is located in Dumanlı Village, an exceptional village which is 80 km to the Gümüşhane city center,

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